Betting Choices

When you register an online betting account, you will find that the betting choices available at Internet betting companies are more numerous when compared with a traditional street betting shop.

Each sport has a range of different betting options that go well beyond the 1X2 (win market) or Over/Under market.

Quick Betting Info specific to each sport:

You can read about each sport and available betting options by following above links. Yet there are a few popular betting choices that we feel we should also cover them here:

1X2 / 12 – this is the win-draw-win or win-win market. Betting on these options means choosing the final result of a match in terms of who will win or whether it will be a draw at the end of the game. Please note that this betting market applies to regular time with most of the bookmakers, which means that should the result change in extra time, that result will not be counted towards settling your bet.

Over/Under – this is another popular betting option, available as a bet on the total number of goals / points to be over or under a given set limit by the bookmaker.